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HR 5034 Bill is Still Alive

HR 5034, a US bill, is sponsored by well over 100 legislators. The bill first became known last spring and we have been following its progress or lack of in the House. At first it was like a powerful steamroller but thankfully enough wineries and wine enthusiasts became aware of its potentially threatening aspects to […]

Days 6 through 13 of Winemaking

The wine sat silently in the carboy in a dark somewhat cool area. No fermentation bubbling was observed probably because there was little if any sugar left to ferment. On the 13th day I took a reading of the specific gravity at 0.990. This was down 0.002 from the previous reading. Time to go onto […]

Day 4 and 5 of Winemaking

There isn’t much to watch during these first five days. On days 3 and 4 you could set a clock to the bubbles in the econolock. Every three seconds there were bubbles. Fermentation was taking place. On day 5 however the three second pattern stopped. There were still bubbles ranging at different times from every […]

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