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More About HR 5034

At the end of the week, I checked out the updates on HR 5034. This bill gives one the sense that this will be the demise of many wineries. It seems the law would reinforce individual states rights to decide whether in state and out-of-state alcohol shipping would be allowed or disallowed with no recourse […]

HR 5034 Hearing Tomorrow! More Alcohol Regulations?

The hearing of H.R. 5034 -“Comprehensive Alcohol Regulatory Effectiveness (CARE) Act of 2010” by the full committee of the Committee on the Judiciary is scheduled to take place tomorrow at 11am in the Rayburn House Office Building! The H.R. 5034 bill needs to be read very carefully and looked at as how it may affect […]

HR 5034 Bill is Still Alive

HR 5034, a US bill, is sponsored by well over 100 legislators. The bill first became known last spring and we have been following its progress or lack of in the House. At first it was like a powerful steamroller but thankfully enough wineries and wine enthusiasts became aware of its potentially threatening aspects to […]

What’s New with HR 5034? Wine and Beer Legislation That May Affect You

Many members of the US Congress continue to support HR 5034, a bill that may have long lasting influence on the wine and beer industry. An article, “Beer Group Opens the Tap on the Hill” in the Washington Post on August 2, 2010 attempts to show the monetary contributions of the National Beer Wholesalers Association and […]

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