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Tag Archives: Prohibition

Can New Jersey Wineries Survive Politics and Prohibition Tactics?

New Jersey wineries are facing a very difficult time. Currently the state is refusing to renew any winery licenses and will not consider new winery licenses. The wineries already in business may continue to sell wine but may not expand while the people who have invested in starting a winery cannot open their tasting rooms. […]

Lou Foppiano, 100 on November 25!

Lou Foppiano, renowned for his role in the Sonoma wine history, will turn 100 on November 25. According to the PressDemocrat.com, Lou Foppiano celebrated his 100th birthday on Sunday in Healdsburg. In the article, Lou Foppiano turns 100, celebrates in Healdsburg, the author, Sam Scott, writes about the contributions that Lou Foppiano made to the […]

HR 5034 Bill is Still Alive

HR 5034, a US bill, is sponsored by well over 100 legislators. The bill first became known last spring and we have been following its progress or lack of in the House. At first it was like a powerful steamroller but thankfully enough wineries and wine enthusiasts became aware of its potentially threatening aspects to […]

Maryland Direct Shipping Laws Saga – Where is democracy?

For many years, people interested in having direct wine shipping in Maryland have supported legislation to provide the freedom to have wine shipped to consumers. In the past Maryland politicians appeared to ignore the benefits of allowing direct shipping in Maryland. According to Marylanders for Better Beer & Wine Laws, this year a Senate committee […]

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