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Can New Jersey Wineries Survive Politics and Prohibition Tactics?

New Jersey wineries are facing a very difficult time. Currently the state is refusing to renew any winery licenses and will not consider new winery licenses. The wineries already in business may continue to sell wine but may not expand while the people who have invested in starting a winery cannot open their tasting rooms. […]

New Jersey Legislators Affect Wineries Ability to Survive

When we visited several New Jersey wineries last week, we were asked, “Do you know what is happening to the New Jersey wine industry?” While I was aware there was some issue, my attention has been focused on the Maryland legislation that has passed permitting direct shipping from across the country. Yes, the new Maryland […]

Maryland Direct Wine Shipping – Getting Closer

As I noted late last week, the Maryland General Assembly initially passed legislation that will allow wineries to ship wine to consumers in Maryland. Now is not the time to sit back and think all the work is done for promoting direct wine shipping. The bills in both the Maryland Senate and House are a […]

Good News – Direct Wine Shipping May Actually Happen in Maryland!

According to the Baltimore Sun’s website, the Maryland General Assembly has initially approved a bill to allow wine shipping directly to consumers. Finally passage is expected to take place soon. Maryland wine enthusiasts have been looking for this friendly wine shipping legislation for a long time. At least 37 states are ahead of Maryland in […]

Maryland Direct Wine Shipping Legislation- March 4

This Friday, March 4, both Maryland legislative bodies will be considering wine shipping legislation. Currently, Maryland does NOT allow wineries in state or out-of-state to ship wine directly to consumers. The legislation to change the current law will allow Maryland to join more than 30 other states that allow direct wine shipping to consumers. Don’t […]

Good News for Direct Wine Shipping Supporters

Earlier this year Maryland enacted SB858 Maryland Winery Modernization Act of 2010. This required the Office of the Comptroller to study and report on the status of direct wine shipping in the 37 states that make it available for consumers. The report was released yesterday several days early. According to Kevin Atticks, executive director of […]

Update on Maryland Direct Shipping

Here’s some important information I want to pass on to wine enthusiasts and wineries about the progress of Maryland direct shipping. Yesterday I received an email from MD Direct Wine Shipping Adovcates titled “Wine Shipping Comptroller Update” in Maryland. A second meeting has taken place. According to the information I received, “The Comptroller’s office has […]

Delaware Fails to Support Direct Wine Shipping

Recently a bill that would have favored direct wine shipping to consumers in Delware did not make it out of committee. If the state of Delaware thinks it is following in the hallowed footsteps of Maryland regarding the distribution of wine, then perhaps they should take a closer look. According to an article in the […]

Anti Wine Laws Continue Prohibition

Yesterday while attending the trade show at Wineries Unlimited, I kept running into numerous people and after saying I was from Maryland, added “the state where democracy isn’t happening … direct wine shipping issue.” Many of these winery enthusiasts nodded their condolences or shook their head in disbelief. I met two great people from New […]

Maryland’s House Bill 716 – Direct Wine Shipping

Yesterday I wrote about the direct shipping bill in Maryland. This week is very important and anyone can submit written testimony on the bill. Written testimony must be received by Thursday at 12pm. No matter what state you live in, if you are experiencing successes with direct shipping please add your support to the proponents […]

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