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New Jersey Legislators Affect Wineries Ability to Survive

When we visited several New Jersey wineries last week, we were asked, “Do you know what is happening to the New Jersey wine industry?” While I was aware there was some issue, my attention has been focused on the Maryland legislation that has passed permitting direct shipping from across the country. Yes, the new Maryland direct shipping law has some concerns but it is a major step forward for wine lovers.

Now New Jersey wineries are in a bind with some facing financial ruin if their situation is not corrected soon. An article on philly.com, New Jersey winemakers worried by bottleneck on direct shipping, by Paul Nussbaum goes into quite a bit of detail as to the dilemma.

Nussbaum even quotes the owner of Alba Vineyard & Winery noting that he is unable to get outlet licenses even though he won the New Jersey Governor’s Cup for his Gewürztraminer 2010. Alba is located in a renovated early 1800s barn and has acres of vineyards on the sloping hills behind the winery.

Prior to December 2010, New Jersey had allowed in-state wineries to ship wine directly to consumers. This was determined to be unconstitutional since wineries out-of-state were not allowed to directly ship to consumers in New Jersey. Now the New Jersey legislature is divided on the issue.

In the meantime, the New Jersey wineries and related industries are suffering. With the downturn of the economy why are the legislatures blind to see the benefits of allowing direct wine shipping? We don’t need more wineries facing foreclosure and loss of more jobs. The laws that prevent direct shipping are Prohibition in disguise.

Why would legislators prevent adult citizens from ordering wine, a legal beverage, and conveniently having it shipped to them?

If you are a New Jersey resident, contact your state legislators and let them know how you feel about direct wine shipping.

Cheers! Kathy

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