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Delaware Fails to Support Direct Wine Shipping

Recently a bill that would have favored direct wine shipping to consumers in Delware did not make it out of committee.

If the state of Delaware thinks it is following in the hallowed footsteps of Maryland regarding the distribution of wine, then perhaps they should take a closer look. According to an article in the Bloomsberg Businessweek, Del. Lawmakers Reject Direct Wine Shipments by Randall Chase, “This is something that will hurt all aspects of the industry,” said Ciabattoni, who suggested that instead of allowing consumers to buy wine directly, Delaware should follow Maryland’s lead and make it a felony.

In the past it has even been noted that not all Maryland state legislators knew that is was illegal to purchase several bottles of wine in another state and transport them into Maryland by car as one representative suggested doing.

The meeting of the Delaware House committee lasted more than an hour however I wonder how much time was spent in researching the evidence and listening to what the voters want. The committee voted 5-3 against releasing the bill and so the bill will not get to the full House to be voted upon.

Anyone who knows that there is more to wine than that wine is red or white will have discovered particular varieties and particular styles that are not made available conveniently by wholesalers, distributors and retailers. Why should any legal adult in the US be denied the ability to purchase wine online and have it shipped directly to their homes as long as an adult signs it for?

Wine consumers and voters should follow the money and see who is receiving the most campaign contributions from wholesalers and distributors and whether they are supporting direct wine shipping or not.

Delaware beware: Maryland Senate has authorized the Comptroller to submit a written study on direct shipping that must be ready by December 31, 2010. Hopefully this will be fair and balanced and Maryland lawmakers will realize that direct shipping of alcohol will benefit everyone especially after viewing how successfully it is taking place in a majority of states.

Cheers! Kathy

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