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It’s the Little Things You Do That Tells a Sommelier What Wine to Suggest

Sometimes it’s the little things that count when a sommelier is about to suggest a wine.

Two Great Reasons to Visit Barrel Oak Winery

Two great reasons to visit Barrel Oak Winery in Virginia today: Help a retired couple save their home, which has been in their family for generations. The couple needs help to repair their home and help to pay off about $5,000 in order to keep Wells Fargo from foreclosing on it.  Barrel Oak Winery is […]

What’s New with HR 5034? Wine and Beer Legislation That May Affect You

Many members of the US Congress continue to support HR 5034, a bill that may have long lasting influence on the wine and beer industry. An article, “Beer Group Opens the Tap on the Hill” in the Washington Post on August 2, 2010 attempts to show the monetary contributions of the National Beer Wholesalers Association and […]

Support Direct Wine Shipping in Maryland

Stores throughout the country are allowed to ship thousands of goods directly to consumers. Think about it. Televisions, computers, potato chips, chocolates, books…. As you know the list can just go on and on. Look at all that Amazon offers consumers. As a long time resident of Maryland, I have been waiting and waiting to […]

Pairing Flavors with Wine

Okay, I’ll admit it, I don’t frequently read the Washington Post, but fortunately, I accidentally discovered a great article discussing the pairing of wine with foods that have a lot of flavor. By a lot of flavor, the authors are talking about fresh and dried chili peppers, horseradish, hot mustard, wasabi, spicy foods, and food […]

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