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Need to Cool Down?

I always look forward to the first peaches of the summer.  The cool and refreshing peach is nature’s answer to hot summer days. After spending hours cleaning an old house, it was time for a refreshing pick-me-up. I had a chilled bottle of Knapp George’s Peach wine. I added a peach slice to the wine and presented the wine to my fellow cleaners. It was an immediate hit. Everyone commented on the presentation and how good the wine and peach slice was. Although not my favorite, the Knapp peach wine was semi-sweet, cool and refreshing. We drank the entire bottle in minutes and seemed to have the energy, at least our spirits were higher, to continue cleaning.

Winemakers often make fruit wines during the summer. Unlike grape wines, most fruit wines do not need to age. My favorite peach wine is made by Piedmont Vineyards and Winery, Inc.,  The Plains, Virginia. Their peach wine is made from peaches and is bone dry with a great peach nose and taste with a long peach aftertaste. The dryness of this wine was a departure from other fruit wines that tend to be sweeter. If near The Plains, Virginia, stop by and give their peach wine a taste.

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