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August Events at Local Wineries

Below is a list many wine events through August. Some are quite unusual and deserve special intention including vineyard carriage rides, Ameritage blending competitions and Trivia Night.

Enjoy Summertime with a Visit to a Winery

Summer is a busy time with so many wineries offering special wine events. Here’s a list of wine events happening over the next few days.

“Local Food, Local Wine, and Why They Don’t Like Each Other”

This passionate 50-minute presentation dwelt on what consumers are looking for in terms of local food and local wine.

Restaurant Flight

Last night we decided to go out for dinner. As it was we needed to purchase a bottle of wine to top off the wine in our homemade wine so it wouldn’t oxidize. So we headed in the direction of a wine shop looking for a restaurant we hadn’t been to before. It wasn’t long […]

Maryland Local Products Available at Maryland Wineries this Weekend!

Maryland has five wine trails with more than 50 licensed wineries. Two of the wine trails have joined for an event this weekend  The Frederick and Carroll Wine Trails Go Local. On Saturday, October 29 and Sunday, October 30 several wineries are pairing their local wines with locally made and produced products. A visit to […]

Restaurants and Local Wines

The topic of should restaurants serve local wines is of interest to restauranteurs, diners, and wineries. A long article in the Napa Valley Register focuses on this point and has received numerous comments. The situation is focused on Napa Valley restaurants and makes comparisons with restaurants in France and Italy. Local wines and restaurants are […]

“Save Our Food” Holiday Festival – Local Wine & Food

Travel to Doswell, Virginia and participate in the Save Our Food Holiday Festival on December 11. The event takes place at 13111 Dawn Blvd ?Doswell, Va. According to the website, “Every year, 104,000 acres of Virginia farmland disappear forever.” Enjoy a day of local wine and food. More information is available at the Save Our […]

Discover Recipes at Local Wineries

Regional Wine Week is starting. This is the 3rd year to celebrate Regional Wine Week that was started by Jeff Siegel and Dave McIntyre of www.drinklocalwine.com. Writers and bloggers are encouraged to write about local wines and wineries. A local winery tasting room can be a great place to discover recipes. Frequently tasting rooms will […]

Who Should Get the Restaurant Wine List?

Why is it that at most restaurants men receive the wine list? Is this due to etiquette or to a mistaken assumption that women don’t know much about wine? It’s interesting to note that slightly more women than men drink wine. Yet particularly in the past in the wine industry, it appears that men predominate […]

A Few Winery Events to Visit this Weekend

What winery event are you attending this weekend? Below is a sampling of a few winery events. Of course, check out the local wineries in your own backyard to discover what is happening this weekend. Have fun planning your weekend and enjoy summer with friends, family and a glass of wine. Cheers! Kathy Lorimar Winery in […]

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