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Who Should Get the Restaurant Wine List?

Why is it that at most restaurants men receive the wine list? Is this due to etiquette or to a mistaken assumption that women don’t know much about wine?

It’s interesting to note that slightly more women than men drink wine. Yet particularly in the past in the wine industry, it appears that men predominate in the roles of owner, winemaker and viticulturist.  Yes, there are women winemakers, owners and those interested more in viticulture than enology but the industry seems to be predominantly men. Why?

Women are becoming more involved in the wine industry. Keyways Vineyard & Winery in Temecula, California is owned and operated by Terri Pebley. Sarah at Navarro Vineyards in Mendocino County has a degree in enology but she enjoys working outdoors with the grapevines and sheep that are used to maintain the vineyards.

Which leads me to wonder why at a restaurant is the “wine list” handed to the man at the table? Just perhaps the woman at the table has more experience or more knowledge about wine.

When dining at a restaurant with my husband he receives the wine list 100 percent of the time. What is nice is that he knows I enjoy looking at the wine list and shares it with me. We frequently discuss the wines not only in terms of varieties, but whether we have been to a particular winery. Very important to us is whether the restaurant has local wines available. Together we make the decision about which wine to choose.

How about you? Who do you think should receive the wine list? Hmmm… maybe it would be better to provide two copies of the wine list.

Cheers! Kathy

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