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Discover Recipes at Local Wineries

Regional Wine Week is starting. This is the 3rd year to celebrate Regional Wine Week that was started by Jeff Siegel and Dave McIntyre of www.drinklocalwine.com. Writers and bloggers are encouraged to write about local wines and wineries.

A local winery tasting room can be a great place to discover recipes. Frequently tasting rooms will have recipes with suggested wine pairings. Of course, these usually feature wine that is produced by the winery. While it is nice to use the suggested wine with the prepared recipe, it certainly is possible to use a similar style wine or a wine you prefer paired with the recipe.

It’s interesting when wine is combined with food. It can certainly create added aromas and flavors for the food. When we visited Doukénie Winery in Virginia we came home with the tip to add wine to any leftovers and tomato sauce. The wine tip didn’t call for any specific wine, one can just use what they have.

Some recipes can also be discovered online at winery websites. Again some will use wine in the recipe or wine will be paired with the food. You will want to check out recipes online at some of these wineries including Pearmund Cellars in Virginia, Contessa Wine Cellars in Michigan and Winery at Wilcox in Pennsylvania.

Enjoy good food and local wine!

Cheers! Kathy

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