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Let’s Enjoy Wine on Tap!

Wine on tap is a win-win situation for winemakers, restaurants, consumers and the environment.

Restaurants and Local Wines

The topic of should restaurants serve local wines is of interest to restauranteurs, diners, and wineries. A long article in the Napa Valley Register focuses on this point and has received numerous comments. The situation is focused on Napa Valley restaurants and makes comparisons with restaurants in France and Italy. Local wines and restaurants are […]

Spend the Lazy Days of Summer Visiting a Winery!

With the hot, humid, lazy days of summer here, maybe it’s time to get out of the house/kitchen and enjoy some time at a winery. In addition to tasting rooms numerous wineries have restaurants onsite. While some are small, others provide a gourmet experience. In addition to restaurants, wineries may also provide entertainment and special […]

Wineries Supporting Japanese During Devastation from Earthquake and Tsunami

Wineries are known for helping those in need and now help for the Japanese is taking place. To that end wineries are providing help in different ways. Japan needs help and wineries are seeking to help the Japanese in their dire situation. I’ve learned that some wineries are donating their tasting fees for this weekend […]

Wine Spectator Focuses its Attention on Corkage Laws

It’s nice to see that Wine Spectator has focused its attention on corkage laws and points out the situation in Maryland and Virginia. Why shouldn’t a restaurant allow people to bring in a bottle of wine to have with their meal? Overall the authors, Ben O’Donnell and Robert Taylor, in “Is It Time to Open […]

Why Do You Visit Winery and Vineyard Tasting Rooms?

Why do you decide stop at winery and vineyard tasting rooms? Is it a decision made in advance or on the spur of the moment? Are you looking to sip and taste new wines or spend some time enjoy a glass of wine? Do you want a winery with a restaurant? Music? Special event? It’s […]

If Local Food, why not Local Wine?

The third session of the Drink Local Wine Conference delved into the idea of the “eat local movement” and asked why not add local wine. Dave McIntyre of the Washington Post moderated the session of panelists that included Todd Kliman of Washingtonian magazine, Andrew Stover of the Chef Wino blog and Mary Watson-DeLauder from Lansdowne […]

Do Restaurants Know the Meaning of “Local Wine”?

On Sunday, April 25th wine writers, bloggers, winemakers, growers and wine enthusiasts will meet at Landsdowne Resort near Leesburg, Virginia for the 2010 Drink Local Wine Conference. With the conference only two days away, I began to reflect on the meaning of drink local wine as interpreted by restaurants. I have a few observations after […]

A Great Wine from Darioush

Yesterday we returned from a week’s stay in Detroit where we were the recipients of wonderful wines and dinners at numerous fine area restaurants. In fact we had a return visit to Bucci Ristorante in Grosse Pointe Woods and learned that they were one of the few area restaurants to earn a coveted 5 star […]

Visit New Zealand

It’s near the beginning of the year so take time to peruse your destination sites for 2010. New Zealand offers opportunities for wine enthusiasts. Consider visiting the Wairarapa website and use it to help plan your trip to New Zealand. I haven’t yet visited New Zealand but would like to visit there to discover their […]

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