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Let’s Enjoy Wine on Tap!

One of the Italian nuances we enjoyed while visiting Italy was the “house” wine. Diners could easily order a house wine by the pitcher and the wine was usually good.

On two of our last evenings in Italy after the 2012 International Wine Tourism Conference, we ate at a small Italian restaurant that was frequented by the locals. The first night we ordered a bottle of Italian wine that was fine but the second night we ordered the “house” wine and discovered it to be even better.

Since the first time we visited Italy, I’ve always asked why don’t restaurants in the United States offer “house” wines by the pitcher. I may not have an answer to that question but a company has come up with help for restaurants who want to do this.

Micro Matic can now supply the necessary equipment to restaurants for wine on tap. Wine on tap is a win-win situation for winemakers, restaurants, consumers and the environment.

Restaurant owners need not worry about opening a bottle of wine and selling only one glass of it before it becomes oxidized. Consumers and winemakers can be assured that each glass of wine will be similar. Wine on tap decreases the need of the production of bottles, corks and assorted tops and many wine bottle labels.

For me when choosing a restaurant I may just decide to base it on whether they have wine on tap.

For more information, visit Micro Matic website.

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