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Wine Spectator Learning Center Opens Soon!

Wine Spectator Learning Center at Sonoma State University has Grand Opening scheduled for May 29.

International Wine And Culinary Event

On Thursday November 10, Luxehome working with Wine Spectator is sponsoring the fifth annual CHILL. This is an international wine and culinary event featuring worldwide wines paired with cuisines from 40 chefs. Guests will have the opportunity to participate in a sophisticated food and wine event while enjoying the large selection of Luxehome items for home […]

Do You Remember Congressional Bill H.R. 5034 Affecting Wine Distribution? Now it’s H.R. 1161!

A recent article at Wine Spectator, “U.S. Congressman Introduces New Act Threatening Direct Shipping,” by Robert Taylor and Ben O’Donnell, talks about a very similar bill that has been introduced for this year. “The new CARE Act, if passed, could end direct shipping of wine and other forms of alcohol in the United States, or […]

Wine Spectator Focuses its Attention on Corkage Laws

It’s nice to see that Wine Spectator has focused its attention on corkage laws and points out the situation in Maryland and Virginia. Why shouldn’t a restaurant allow people to bring in a bottle of wine to have with their meal? Overall the authors, Ben O’Donnell and Robert Taylor, in “Is It Time to Open […]

H.R. 5034 Article at Wine Spectator- A Must Read

Wine Spectator has published an excellent article describing the origins and possible affects of H.R. 5034.  If passed, the Comprehensive Alcohol Regulatory Effectiveness Act of 2010 or CARE Act has the potential of affecting alcohol distribution across the country to the benefit of wholesalers. Already more than 100 congress representatives have signed on to co-sponsor […]

How do You Choose Wine?

Just read an interesting article in the Vancouver Sun. The article, Wine lovers respond to price, not eco-friendly methods,” by Leslie Gevirtz.  Gevirtz notes, “In a survey of 1,000 consumers by global consulting firm AlixParnters eco-friendly was rated the least important attribute for wines, while price topped the list.” It made me wonder what the […]

Stop H.B. 5034 Before it Limits Your Choice of Wines and Other Beverages

Are you concerned with the way business is done in Congress? How can a large association such as the National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA) influence your representatives in Congress to vote for a bill that will hurt consumers, wineries, breweries and wine shops? As some people say, “Follow the money.” Will this proposed bill help […]

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