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H.R. 5034 Article at Wine Spectator- A Must Read

Wine Spectator has published an excellent article describing the origins and possible affects of H.R. 5034.  If passed, the Comprehensive Alcohol Regulatory Effectiveness Act of 2010 or CARE Act has the potential of affecting alcohol distribution across the country to the benefit of wholesalers. Already more than 100 congress representatives have signed on to co-sponsor this bill!

The article describes the money that has poured into campaign contributions that increased by as much as 33 percent for those who support beer, wine and spirits wholesalers.

Take time on this long Memorial Day weekend to read the article, “Support for Direct Shipping Restrictions Builds in Congress” by Robert Taylor, Ben O’Donnell in Wine Spectator.

Then write to your congressperson your opinion about H.R. 5034! Don’t wait, this issue is too important to ignore and think it will just go away.

Cheers! Kathy

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