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Fun Wines

While visiting wineries in Virginia we have come across some wines referred to as “fun wines.” Wine snobs who consider the world of wine as dry, red and vinifera most likely would not appreciate a fun wine. Fun wines are fun. They bring smiles to the faces of many who taste them. Often they are sweet and occasionally made from fruit other than grapes. They will often have fun names like “Chili Dawg.” Chili Dawg wine is produced by Peaks of the Otter Winery in Bedford, Virginia.

The experience of tasting this wine is fun, if not tearful. First off, you start by eating a nickel-sized portion of Kraft Easy Cheese Sharp Cheddar. Now you have that Cheddar taste in your mouth. Next taste the Chili Dawg. It is served chilled, so you will notice the coolness followed by intense heat and all of a sudden, the cheddar cheese taste turns into Pepper Jack cheese. I actually like Pepper Jack cheese so this was certainly a treat.

A fun wine can entertain. Fun fruit wines can be enjoyed simply by themselves. You don’t need to pair them with food. Just put down whatever you are doing and enjoy the aroma and taste of the wine. Those who drink serious wines should learn to expand their wine-drink horizon by tasting a fun wine every now and then.

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