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Promoting Local Wines

I am a fan of restaurants serving local wine. At the same time, they should also have an assortment of other wines. For those who are visiting the area and want to taste wine from that terroir, the local wines provide a reason for stopping at that particular restaurant. For instance, if you are visiting Tuscany, do you want to be drinking French or Australian wine? How do you find restaurants that serve the local wine? The Maryland Association for Wineries is on the right start to help. Each month the website for Maryland wineries gives awards to two restaurants who provide local wines on their wine list and two retailers who carry local wines. Previous months winners stay on the website, making it easy to locate a selection of restaurants and retailers supporting Maryland wineries. To check this out go to http://www.marylandwine.com/mwa/retailer/pastpicks.shtml. Wouldn’t it be great if more restaurants and retailers supported their local wineries?


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