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Will Consumers Continue to Lose?

I just read an interesting editorial in the Erie Times-News. The editor quoted the owner of Massa Vineyards in Pennsylvania in regard to shipping laws for wine.  “What is best for consumers? That should be everyone’s concern here.” The winetrailtravler.com team had the opportunity to visit wineries in North Carolina and they make a muscadine wine that is considered to have more antioxidants than a typical red wine. Although the wineries can’t post that information in the winery, studies have verified that information. I believe it should be my right to order that wine or any other wine online from inside or outside my state. By the way, I live in Maryland which has a very strict law. At least it’s not confusing: no wineries- in state or out of state can ship wine to consumers living in the state. Let’s try working together and then everyone can benefit.

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