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Experience a Private Wine Tasting

Consider attending a private wine tasting at Chateau O’Brien. Recently Chateau O’Brien at Northpoint in Virginia sent a flier describing a Private Wine Tasting event. This event only happens three times a year and appointments are necessary. The next wine tasting is February 28. Experience a private wine tasting with the Chateau O’Brien’s winemaker, Jason Murray. For more information, visit http://www.chateauobrien.com/events.php.

We attended a barrel tasting at Prince Michel in Virginia. The winemaker enthusiastically had us compare wine from barrels that was about to be bottled to wine that needed to age for several more months. This experience reinforces the concept of how aging for months and years improves the quality of wine.

Many wineries host private wine tastings. Sometimes these tastings are called “Barrel Tastings.” Check the wineries in your own “backyard” to see what type of special tastings they offer. There is usually a fee for these special wine tastings although Wine Club members may receive a special discount or no fee. You will undoubtedly enjoy the experience.

Cheers, Kathy

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