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Georgian Wine Grand Tasting

The grand tasting of Georgian wines took place in the ballroom at the Marriott Hotel in Tbilisi, Georgia. Sarah Abbot introduced the wine tasting session. The selected wines were prepared by Shalva Khetusuriani, President of Georgian Sommelier Association. Shalva and Sarah commented about the wines during the tasting.

What is now becoming traditional, my tasting notes for conference tastings are written as haikus.

033013aTsinandali by Shumi
Crisp Tsinandali
Appellation controlled white
Bright, floral, drink now

Krakhuna by Winery Khareba
Krakhuna bright white
Crisp, refreshing, nice in mouth
First appetizers

Chkhaveri by KTW
Chkhaveri light gold
Ticklish tropical fruit notes
Guria’s white wine

Rkatsiteli by Alaverdi Monastery
Qvevri made monks labor
God’s gift to cherish

Kakhuri Mtsvane by Mandili
White kissing tannins
Mtsvane Kakhuri gold
Legs, body, beauty

Otskhanuri Sapere by Winery Khareba
Imereti red
Otskhanuri Sapere
Qvevri juicy

Saperavi by Vitavinea
Saperavi black
Spice meets fruit, kissing tannins
Qvevri refined

Mukuzani by Tbilvino
Kissing tannins too
Mukuzani oak quality
Appellation wine

Saperavi-Satrapezo by Telavi Wine Cellar
Black Saperavi
Satrapezo food friendly
Almost kissing wine

Shavkapito by Chateau Mukhrani
Shavkapito fruit
Everyday dinner friendly
Drink without at date

Kindzmarauli Original by Kindzmarauli Marani
Saperavi for Russians
Sweetness expresses

Chacha by Chateau Mukhrani
No devil counting
Chacha strengthens energy
Long fruit aftertaste


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