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The Dangers of Being a Wine Writer

032814cLet me say from the beginning, wine or spirits did not cause an accident. Rather, a photographic opportunity, an errant step and a fall were the contributing factors. Because of the accident, Kathy did not make the brandy tasting at Sarajishvili. Instead she waited patiently as the IWINETC Media Group processed brandy making and degustation. I joined Kathy and waited with her for help to arrive. After the media group left, we were visited by several very kind individuals.

A call to the National Wine Agency was made and they were sending Geo who we spent several day with touring wineries in Georgia. A worker at Sarajishvili spoke excellent English. He brought Kathy a chair to sit on and another chair to elevate her foot. Several women passing by stopped to look at her ankle, already showing signs of swelling. A doctor stopped by and examined the foot. She said it did not seem broken, but strongly encouraged us to go to the hospital. Then an ambulance arrived.

Ignoring Kathy’s protests, the medics placed a temporary splint on her foot and took her vitals. Geo arrived and gently coaxed Kathy into going to the hospital for an X-ray. Travel by ambulance is fast. The power of flashing lights, siren and a menacing horn caused most traffic to scoot out of the way.

Once in the emergency area of the hospital, an X-ray was ordered. Four X-rays were made. The good news, no broken bones. The bad news, the doctors wanted to put Kathy’s foot into a cast. Now she will have something for the media group to sign. We proceeded from the hospital to a medical supply facility to purchase crutches. The total cost of the ride, x-rays, cast and crutches was around $100.

Accidents do happen. It is easier to deal with if you have been tasting wines all day. An accident, prior to tasting, is just not fair.


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