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Georgian Independence Day and Memorial Day: May 26

As we celebrate Memorial Day here in the United States, I am also thinking of the country Georgia that each year celebrates Independence Day on May 26.

New Wine Festival 2014

As many of my family and friends realize, the country Georgia remains close to my heart even though I am thousands of miles away. It is great to use Facebook to keep in contact with the Georgians we have met over the past year. Many Georgians use Facebook. Today I discovered that a festival is taking place in Tbilisi on May 24.

Birthday Celebration Continues 10,461 km Away Continued

We had dinner in Tbilisi at Tabla. This was our last dinner before catching an early flight to Istanbul and back to the United States. Several media members already left as well as tour operators; however, there were still enough members left that attended the International Wine Tourism Conference a few days earlier. Georgians know […]

International Wine Tourism Conference (IWINETC) Offers Advertising Options

For the past 6 years the International Wine Tourism Conference has provided the opportunity for winemakers and travel agent providers to gather together for extensive presentations highlighting various regions of the world to visit for wine tourism. Until March 14, advertising opportunities are available.

International Wine Tourism Conference Early-Bird Special

We have been to the last two International Wine Tourism Conferences. Thus far, the conference sites have been in Europe. In 2012 we attended the conference held in Perugia, Italy. While in Italy we visited wineries in Umbria and Campania. This year’s conference was in Zagreb, Croatia. While in Croatia we visited wineries in Istria […]

Our First Day in Tbilisi, Georgia (Sakartvelo): Birthplace of Wine

Our first winery in Georgia was Tbilivino followed by Bagrationi 1882.

Beginning a Journey to Georgia, the Cradle of Wine

It’s a long trip but we are so looking forward to learning about Georgia, sometimes referred to as the “Cradle of Wine.”

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