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New Wine Festival 2014

Vino Underground in Tbilisi, Georgia 2014

Vino Underground in Tbilisi, Georgia 2014

As many of my family and friends realize, the country Georgia remains close to my heart even though I am thousands of miles away. It is great to use Facebook to keep in contact with the Georgians we have met over the past year. Many Georgians use Facebook. Today I discovered that a festival is taking place in Tbilisi on May 24.

The New Wine Festival takes place in the Museum of Ethnography in Tbilisi. This festival will be unique as it features only the 2013 vintage. Large producers and family winemakers needed to submit their wines to be selected for the festival. Fifty of the best Georgian wines from around the country will be selected to be presented at the festival. I wonder how many qvevri wines will be chosen for the festival.

Last year the New Wine Festival had 20,000 visitors attend. The New Wine Festival 2014 appears to be a great opportunity for family wineries to let people know about their wines. This year I wish I could be one of the visitors. However, I will be attending a Georgian picnic in the DC metropolitan area that day sponsored by GeorgianDC . To find out about the GeorgiaDC Facebook group go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/GeorgianDC/.

For more information, visit the Georgian Wine Club site at http://en.vinoge.com/news/family-wines-“new-wine-festival-2014





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