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What You Need to Know About the International Wine Tourism Conference 2015

The International Wine Tourism Conference (IWINETC) is scheduled for April 8 and 9. The Conference will in held in the city of Reims known for champagne and historic sites. Only 46 tickets are left….

International Wine Tourism Conference (IWINETC) Offers Advertising Options

For the past 6 years the International Wine Tourism Conference has provided the opportunity for winemakers and travel agent providers to gather together for extensive presentations highlighting various regions of the world to visit for wine tourism. Until March 14, advertising opportunities are available.

Wine Tourism Is Alive – But Why?

Thea Dwelle, on her blog Luscious Lushes – a wine blog, wrote an entry titled, “What exactly is this wine tourism thing?” Thea closed her article asking a question about what attracts you to a business. Another question pops into mind, “Is wine tourism even necessary?” After traveling to 870 wineries/vineyards and writing about each […]

The Accidental Wine Tourist: IWINETC Seminar

“The Accidental Wine Tourist” was presented by William R. Eyer at the International and Wine Tourism Conference 2012 in Italy. Below is a brief summary of the presentation by William Eyer, from Cuvee Corner Wine Blog. In his presentation he noted he had become a wine fan several years ago. William has traveled to Italy three times […]

Return Call

I’ve been thinking about wine tourism of late. One reason is to prepare for the upcoming Wine Tourism Conference on November 16th and 17th in Napa, California. Another reason wine tourism is on my mind is to prepare a presentation I’m going to make at the International Wine Tourism Conference in Puglia, Italy January 30th […]

2012 International Wine Tourism Conference

The 2012 International Wine Tourism Conference takes place January 30 to February 1. The preconference events are on Sunday, January 29.  The Wine Tourism Workshop is Thursday, February 2. According to the IWINETC website, “The conference and workshop will bring together wine and travel lovers and professionals from around the world to discuss, reflect on […]

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