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Customer Service

Dixie Huey, of Trellis Wine Consulting  and Allan Wright, of Zephyr Adventures, teamed together to present the top ten customer service suggestions. These items were general enough to apply to tasting rooms, touring companies, travel organizations as well as writers. The presenters started with number 10 which was to know your ethos. This includes your […]

How to Increase Wine Tourism in an Area with no Wineries

Bear with me for awhile on this one. At the Wine Tourism Conference in Napa, Paul Wagner, founder of Balzac Communications and Marketing, discussed how to increase wine tourism even when there are no wineries in an area. Not all regions have the numbers of wineries one can find in Napa County and Sonoma County […]

Pre-Conference Event

Today is the start of the two day Wine Tourism Conference in Napa Valley. This is reportedly the first National Wine Tourism Conference held in the United States. Yesterday, a very special pre-conference event took place. Approximately 25 people attended the event Sonoma Vineyard Walk at Michel-Schlumberger. We met people from Michigan, Washington, British Columbia […]

Who Is not Attending the Wine Tourism Conference?

As I spent time looking over the list of people attending the Wine Tourism Conference this week in Napa, I noted those states and provinces that would be represented. Obviously California has an overwhelming presence. However many of the California wine regions that will attend the conference are regions that Kathy and I have not […]

Return Call

I’ve been thinking about wine tourism of late. One reason is to prepare for the upcoming Wine Tourism Conference on November 16th and 17th in Napa, California. Another reason wine tourism is on my mind is to prepare a presentation I’m going to make at the International Wine Tourism Conference in Puglia, Italy January 30th […]

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