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Discover the Champagne Tourist Route

A vineyard in Champagne, France

A vineyard in Champagne, France

Have you traveled the Champagne Route in France?

The  Champagne Tourist Route in the Champagne region of France is long. The route is divided into five separate trails that include: Massif Saint-Thierry, Reims Mountain, Vallée de la Marne, Côte des Blancs Route, and Hills of Vitry Route. Whether visiting Reims, Epernay or Vitry-le-François tourists can find their way along the winding trails. They can enjoy views of vineyards, small villages, historical sites and, of course, champagne.

An article I wrote about the Champagne Route is on the International Wine Tourism site. When you have a moment, read the article and enjoy the photographs that were added by Anthony Swift at IWINETC.


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