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Korak 2009 Chardonnay Sur Lie

I’ve tasted wines made from over two hundred different grape varieties. Of that many different grapes there is only one that I have a true love/hate relationship with. That is Chardonnay. The love/hate doesn’t have anything to do with the style of the Chardonnay. It doesn’t matter if the wine is oaked or unoaked. It doesn’t matter if the Chardonnay grapes were grown in a cool climate or a warm climate. Chardonnay is the one grape variety that if I haven’t had it for a few months, I really enjoy it. However, I find myself challenged if we are on a winery trip and I have three tasting at three different wineries per day for a week or two. I have to be away from this grape for a few months to love it again.

For Chardonnay Day I opened a Chardonnay that I really enjoyed on a recent trip to Croatia. Korak makes a Chardonnay that is very complex. Located in Plešivica not far from Zagreb, one will observe rolling hills of vineyards. Croatia has many indigenous grapes that are beginning to receive some world-wide recognition. They also grow many of the international grape varieties and this Chardonnay does well in the Croatian Uplands region.

The dark yellow wine offers a bouquet of pear with a hint of apple. Then there is the oak influence. Several things are going on when you taste the wine. Pear and apple are confirmed and butter and toast are added to the mix. After swallowing the oak influences become aware. Vanilla with hints if caramel and more butter is apparent, Their is a crispiness to the finish and the aftertaste goes on for minutes. In short, this is not a one-dimensional wine. It is complex and a good wine to represent what can be grown in Croatia. This was a great Chardonnay to have on Chardonnay Day. Check out wines from Croatia.

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