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Wine Trail Traveler Quarterly Spring Edition

Wine Trail Traveler

The spring edition of the Wine Trail Traveler Quarterly focuses on the wine regions in Europe and the US. Filled with many original photos, we hope you find the Spring Edition fun to browse through and may be inspired to travel to one of the wine regions.


On the Cover: The Abbey of Rosazzo in Udine, Italy
Focus on Friuli, Italy
Focus on Croatia
Focus on Long Island
Wine in the Bible: False Prophets and Bearing Fruit
Back Page: Wine is made in the vineyard

The Quarterly is available to view at http://winetrailtraveler.com/newsletter/magspring13.pdf.

If you missed the past editions of the Quarterly, they are available at

If you would like to receive an email reminder when a new Quarterly is published, please contact us at kathy (at) winetrailtraveler.com.

Kathy and Terry

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