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Maryland Wineries Allowed at Farmers’ Markets Beginning June 1

A Maryland Vineyard

Each year Maryland is becoming home to more wineries and vineyards. Vineyards are a wonderful way to preserve the land. The establishment of wineries provides vineyard owners an opportunity to earn back some of the cost of planting and maintaining the vineyards. In some cases, value added farming helps farms and vineyards keep from selling out to developers.

Maryland recently passed a new law, House Bill 978 that Gov. O’Malley signed. Beginning June 1, this law allows wineries to sell their wines at farmers’ markets. This law is a win-win situation for winery owners and consumers. Wineries can sell their wines directly to consumers without the middleman and consumers can discover local wines without driving to the winery.

While many consumers have supported the eat local movement, it’s time for people to support the drink local movement.

It should be noted that not every Maryland farmers’ market may have a winery participating. Do your homework and find the local farmers’ market that will have wineries at their market.

According to Maryland’s Best website, currently six of the farmers’ markets in the state may have local wine for sale. This summer while perusing the locally grown vegetables, fruits and baked goods of Maryland be sure to checkout the Maryland wines.

As a resident of Maryland, I hope that more Maryland farmers markets will also feature local wines.

To view a list of Maryland’s farmers market go to http://marylandsbest.net/search.php#. If your favorite farmers’ market does not have a winery represented, contact the market and ask for it. Also contact Maryland wineries and ask them to participate.



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