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2014 Wine Events in Croatia

Vineyards at Kozlovi Winery in Croatia

Vineyards at Kozlovi Winery in Croatia

Croatia was the location of  the International Wine Tourism Conference in 2013.  When we visited Zagreb and Istria we discovered a country with a wonderful  history and culture. Anyone thinking of traveling to Croatia in 2014 will want to keep in mind the upcoming 2014 Croatian wine events. Be sure to check with the organization’s website before making final plans.

Location: Medimurje, Zrinski County
Event: Urbanovo –  Wine Days in the Zrinski County
Date: May 16 to May 30

The “Wine Days in Zrinski County” began in 2000  with an emphasis on the Medimurje  wine road. According to one source, “Open wine cellars on Medimurje wine road are a real attraction for virtually whole Croatia. That is because the whole country  [squeezes] into Medimurje’s hills those days. “

Region: Istria
Event: World Wine Day
Date: May 25, 2014

Celebrate World Wine Day in Croatia on the last Sunday of May. World Wine Day began in Italy  in 1993 as a way to provide access to Italy’s wine cellars by tourists. Numerous countries have followed and in 1999 wineries of Croatia began to participate.

Town: Vrbnik
Event: Island Krk Wine Days
Date: August 29 – August 30

Krk is one of the largest islands on the Adriatic Sea. The Wine Days event includes presentations, wine tastings and lectures. Visitors have the opportunity to purchase bottles of wine and local produce.

Town: Jastrebarsko
Event: Jaska Wine Festival
Date: September 1 – 30, 2014

The Jaska Wine Festival has been an annual event for the past 16 years. The wineries and wines of the region are promoted during this event. The Festival begins with a parade to the tents where fireworks start the celebrations. The day continues with wine tasting and culinary delights with entertainment in the evening. Events are also held on the Plešivicka wine road. Other aspects of the festival include wine themed exhibitions, horse and bicycle marathons, a tennis tournament, wine trek and more.

Discover more about the special country of Croatia at http://croatia.hr/en-GB/Homepage.

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