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Unusual Winery Names Series: Michigan

Unusual Winery Names Series: Michigan

Names are a unique way to identify people. In the same way winery names are important to the owners and choosing the “right name” may help with marketing the winery’s wines. While many wineries use the owner’s surname, others have created others names for a variety of reasons. While traveling to more than 900 wineries we have encountered a array of names. Below is a list of 5 unique winery names we have come across in our travels.


1. Black Star Farms

The winery was named for the large black compass rose in the center of the lodging site at the winery. Some thought it was a star but in reality it was a compass rose. The owners of Black Star Farms favored the use of the term black star. Black Star Farms is located on Michigan’s beautiful Leelanau Peninsula.

 2. Round Barn Winery

While the name Round Barn is not quite so unusual, the fact that the winery’s tasting room is located in an original round barn is unique. Tasting counters are located on the first and second floors of the structure. The Round Barn Winery, Brewery and Distillery in Baroda, Michigan was originally built in Indiana. Two weeks before it was scheduled to be demolished, it was purchased and moved to Michigan. Amish workers moved and rebuilt the structure piece by piece.

3. 45th North Winery

Longitudinal lines are frequently sited when winegrowers talk about the location of their vineyards. Frequently they like to compare their region with grape growing areas of France. 45th North Winery took it a step farther by locating the spot of the 45th parallel. A short distance from the tasting room the sign with a stone anchor proudly displays “Wine on the Line” at the exact point of the 45th parallel line, or within inches depending on one’s GPS device.

4. Cody Kresta Vineyard and Winery

Cody Kresta Vineyard and Winery in Mattawan, Michigan is a boutique winery owned by David and Mary Lou Butkovich, The owner’s grandfather was from Croatia and Kresta is Croatian for ridge or crest. Cody was the name of their beloved dog who visited the vineyards with David.

5.  Left Foot Charlie

Why Left Foot Charlie Winery, Tasting Room and Wine Bar? Left Foot Charlie was the nickname the owner’s mother bestowed upon him. As a child he would stumble quite often.  In addition his mother thought he resembled Charlie Brown. After a difficult time searching for a good winery name, Left Foot Charley was chosen.

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