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Les Roques de Cana

Les Roques de Cana features Malbec

Earlier this month, we visited with Thibault VIAL, sales manager for Les Roques de Cana, and tasted a couple of the available wines produced by Les Roques de Cana. Les Roques de Cana is located in the southwest region of France. 

The winery was started by Martial Guiette and partners. The primary focus of the winery is growing and producing Malbec wines. The location of the winery is on a plateau of Saint-Vincent-Rive-d’Olt. This village was named for St. Vincent, the patron saint of winemakers.

The first wine we tasted was produced with 100% Malbec. This was the La Fiancée Rosé Malbec. The pink colored wine almost reminds one of fruit juice. The wine offered red fruit notes with some sweetness. When producing La Fiancée, the wine is “treated as a red wine.” The Les Roques de Cana Cahors-Malbec 2015 Appellation Cahors Contrôlée Red was also produced with 100% Malbec. The wine was a translucent red color. The wine was full-bodied with tannins. 

Les Roques de Cana also produces other wines including: Le Vin Des Noces, Sanguis Christi and Graal Sanctus.

Later Thibault VIAL responded to a series of email questions:

Wine Trail Traveler: Who currently owns Les Roques de Cana? When were the vineyards planted and when was the winery built? How many bottles or cases is the winery producing?

Thibault VIAL: Winery was created by Martial Guiette, family winery, building was build in 2006, vineyard between 35 and 70 years! 39 hectares for something like 100/150000 bottles/vintage.

Wine Trail Traveler: How many hectares/acres of grapes are you growing? Which varieties are planted?

Thibault VIAL: 39 hectares, 98% of Malbec, 2% of Merlot (but we never blend Malbec and Merlot, only Malbec wine). 

Wine Trail Traveler: To what do you contribute the success of the winery ?

Thibault VIAL: First, quality of the grape, always thinking quality, maturity of the grape at the harvests without nice grapes, imposition of produce balance, tasty wine. About 80% of the wine of produced in the vineyard.

Wine Trail Traveler: What types of foods do you suggest pairing with some of the wines from Les Roques de Cana?

Thibault VIAL: I think fowl, wild boar, deer and hare would be perfect.

Wine Trail Traveler: What can visitors to the winery expect when visiting?

Thibault VIAL: Everything! We are open to every people who would like to visit, learn about our wine. Only thing, give a call to be sure of the availability.

Wine Trail Traveler: How will the Les Roques de Cana change and grow in the next five years? 

Thibault VIAL: Would love to have organic certification. 

Wine Trail Traveler: What would you like the public to know about the winery?

Thibault VIAL: The quality of the wine, we created at Les Roques de Cana, takes the best the our terroir.


We hope you have the opportunity try the wines from Les Roques de Cana which is known for its Malbec wines.


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