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The Romantic Danube: Hungary, A Teach and Taste Experience

Our second Teach & Taste wine experience emphasized pairing six Hungarian wines.

Day 12 Traveling from Hungary to Austria

Day 12 including visiting a Benedictine abbey with a winery and two wineries in Austria’s Wachau wine region.

Day 11 of Visiting Hungarian Wineries

On our 11th day of traveling in Hungary we visited three wineries/cellars.

Day 10 Near Lake Balaton, Hungary

Day 10 we spent visiting wineries near Lake Balaton, renowned for being the largest lake in Central Europe.

Day 9 in Hungary

Day 9 began with a visit to three wineries in the Szekszáred wine region.

Oak Barrels for Wine

How do you prefer your wine oaked or unoaked? If you like a wine with oak nuances, are you concerned with where the oak was grown? For wine aged in oak, do you prefer French oak, Hungarian oak or American oak? As we visit numerous wineries, we ask what type of oak is used and […]

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