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Day 12 Traveling from Hungary to Austria

Our last Hungarian winery to visit was at the Benedictine Pannonhalma Archabbey. We received a tour of the Abbey established in 996. The Ottomans occupied the abbey three times. For the past 200 years education has been the emphasis of the abbey. We had a guided tour of many of the historic parts of the abbey including the magnificent library, two stories tall with thousands of books. One book dates back to 886; unfortunately for us, the book is locked away in a safe. The elegance of the library appeared to prove that education was very important at the abbey.

Benedictine Abbey Library

Apátság wine

A short time later we were guided to the winery on the abbey property. The winery is named Apátság meaning abbey. A document shows winemaking taking place since 996.

Nikolaihof has several old ornate oak casks.

Later in the day, our driver escorted us past the Hungarian border into Austria’s famed Wachau wine region. Our first Austrian winery visit was at Nikolaihof where enjoyed a tour and wine tasting of Grüner Veltliner and Riesling wines. The wine cellar was a crypt built at a Roman garrison 2000 years ago. Now it is used for oak casks to age wines. The heads of the casks have beautiful wood carvings.

Grapevines weeping at Pfeffel

Our last winery of the day was also the location of our lodging, Pfeffel. Also located in the Wachau region, the small vineyard and the hotel hug the cliffs with great views of the Danube river. On a stroll through the vineyard we found vines weeping.

We left Hungary with many fond memories and on day 12 we were beginning to form colorful memories in Austria.

Kathy and Terry

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