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Day 13 Traveled from Hungary to Austria

On our last day of visiting Hungary and Austria, we visited two more wineries in Austria’s Wachau wine region.

Day 12 Traveling from Hungary to Austria

Day 12 including visiting a Benedictine abbey with a winery and two wineries in Austria’s Wachau wine region.

Our Wine Journey through Hungary Begins with Austrian Air

I decided to stick to Austrian wines since the last leg of our journey was to visit wineries in Austria.

Today is Sacher Torte Day!

December 5 is Sacher Torte Day. What is Sacher Torte? It is a very special cake that originated in Austria in the19th century. An Austrian poll shows that the Sacher-Torte is an Austrian favorite.

Postage Stamps for Wine Enthusiasts

Wine enthusiasts and philatelists will enjoy the series of stamps designed in Austria emphasizing Austria’s wine regions. The first stamp in the series began with the Weinviertel wine region.

3 Lesser Known Travel Destinations for Wine Enthusiasts in 2013

Guest writer: Leo Parker If you’re a wine enthusiast who is planning on seeing plenty of the world in 2013, you’re in luck because there are plenty of spectacular places scattered across the globe that not only boast a wonderful backdrop for a holiday but also offer some of the world’s best wine regions as […]

Wine and Wine Talk

Biohof Pratsch Zweigelt and wine talk –

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