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Day 9 in Hungary

Wine cellar at Bodri wine estate

We began day 9 in Hungary by traveling to Szekszáred to visit Vida Péter, a boutique winery, where Mr. Péter Vida is both winemaker, vineyardist and owner. At a young age, Peter’s father had Peter and his brothers tending a vineyard. Eventually, Péter learned to make wine and  Péter entered wines into a contest without his father’s knowledge. When his father read the newspaper and saw that the wines had won, he told Péter, “God will help you with your work.” Years later Péter is enthusiastic about producing the best possible wines from his vineyard.

After a delightful visit with Péter Vida, we traveled to the Bodri wine estate where we learned that the family has been involved with vineyards for eight generations. A restaurant where we enjoyed lunch is also on the property. Large cellars include a section that wine collectors can rent to store their collection of wines.

Takler Kúria wine cellar in Hungary

Later in the day we visited Takler Kúria cellar for a wine tasting and dinner. Our overnight stay was comfortable at the Takler Kúria Hotel. The family has been involved in the wine industry for several generations. The wine cellar is located eight meters below the surface.  Dinner in the evening in the Takler Kúria Restaurant was elegant and a lovely way to end the evening.

Kathy and Terry

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