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Day 8 in Hungary

Vylyan Wine Estate cellar

On day 8 of our visit to Hungary we traveled to Villány to visit Vylyan Wine Estate and enjoyed a large elegant lunch with the owner. The winery produces a unique Hungarian wine with the grape Csoka. Vylyan winery claims to have the largest vineyard of Csoka with 0.6 hectares.

After a delicious lunch at Vylyan, we visited Gere Wine Estate. The winery has 75 hectares of organically grown grapevines. After the end of Communist domination, the owner’s parents, Attila and Katalin, began buying vineyards. The maternal grandfather, Adam Wéber, remembered where the good vineyards had been located and this helped to locate which vineyards to buy.

Gere Wine Estate

Bock Cellars acoustical room

To end the day, we visited Bock Wine cellar which included dinner at the Bock restaurant. Bock winery now produces sparkling and still wines. Bock began producing sparkling wines in 2007. The large cellars were delightful to visit. One room of the cellar had outstanding acoustics and Terry could not help singing a verse from Pie Jesu. The owner is ebullient and extra enthusiastic about life. His enthusiasm added to the quality of our visit to the winery, restaurant and lodging.

We had a great day in Villány.

Kathy and Terry

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