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Day 6 in Hungary

Tasting rooms in the Valley of Beautiful Women

On our sixth day of visiting Hungary, we returned to The Valley of the Beautiful Women in search of the two statues that we had read about. The Valley of Beautiful Women includes two rows of tasting rooms.

We also visited the Farmer’s Market of Eger, where the outside of the building was filled with an array of colorful plants. Inside the market were many farmers offering a variety of vegetables and fruits. Sweet and hot ground paprika was available in various sizes. Unfortunately for us, we knew that in order to take paprika back to the US, we needed to purchase the paprika in “sealed” packages.


The cellar at Gal Tibor is 500 years old.

Our final visit to a winery in Eger was to Gal Tibor. The cellar at Gal Tibor is 500 years old. This is a second generation family owned winery. Gal Tibor is in the hands of the brother and sister team. The winery and tasting room is located in a busy, walking area of Eger. On the day of our visit, the winery was busy with several small crafters offering a selection of products to the visitors.

The upstairs of the building where we enjoyed tasting wines paired with a variety of Hungarian foods including sausage, fish and breads.

After our visit to Gal Tibor, we made our way to Budapest about two hours away. 


Kathy and Terry

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