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Day 7 in Hungary

The Hernhyák winery started in 1993 and is a family owned winery offering many wines including Noir.

We began our Sunday early in Budapest by visiting the historic church of St. Matthias. Inside the religious facility has aged statues and old ornate pews with wood kneelers.

On Sunday, many shops are closed or have shorter hours. Most wineries are closed but after breakfast we did visit a small winery about 40 minutes outside of  Budapest. The Hernhyák winery started in 1993 and is a family owned winery offering popular events for the public. They also produce distilled products. We visited the large greenhouse on the property where we saw small seedlings that had just been started.

We traveled a short distance to another small Hungarian village and had lunch outdoors at Sonkamester. We enjoyed a pleasant, sunny afternoon with members of the Wine a’ More Travel agency and their families.

Lover level of Rókus Falvy tasting room along winery row.

Before going back to Budapest for the evening, we visited a short section of very small wineries located along a main street. This winery row was intriguing to walk along the street to see the many old buildings that were home to a wine tasting room. We stopped at Rókus Falvy for a tasting and to learn about the winery.

A short time later we were on our way back to our Budapest lodging for the evening.

Kathy and Terry

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