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What’s Your Preference: Generic or Specialty Wines?

While some wine drinkers only care if a wine is red or white, other wine drinkers are interested in whether the wine is smooth and tastes yummy….

Terroir and Wine

Are you influenced by terroir when you purchase a bottle of wine? I really like the idea of tasting at wineries in different areas and noticing the difference between the wines despite the same grape used in producing the wine. The concept of terroir includes many items that can affect grapes as they grow. Some […]

Enjoy Local Wines When Traveling

Grapes are influenced by the areas in which they grow, sometimes referred to as terroir. All of this takes on much more importance when you travel. When undertaking a journey, be sure to choose restaurants that serve local wines. Do you want to remember your journey to Virginia with California wines, your visit to Italy with French wines […]

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