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Muscadine Wine

Last night for dinner, we decided to experiment with a food and wine pairing. We chose to have a sweet wine with dinner as one of our family members likes a sweet, white wine. Our choice was Midnight Magnolia from Duplin Estate Wines in North Carolina. According to the label this is a Mid Harvest White Table Wine. A member of the muscadine family (V. rotundifolia,) Magnolia is an early, bronze grape, suitable for juice or wine. Midnight Magnolia is medium to heavy bodied and semi-sweet on taste.

For dinner we were having tacos and all the fixings. I know what you’re thinking why in the world would you pair a sweet wine with tacos? We like to experiment with pairings and usually they work out because we are drinking a wine we like. However, in this case the body of the wine was too heavy and the wine was too sweet. Most likely a dry white wine would have enhanced the flavor of the tacos. What food mismatches have you tried?

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