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Wine Trail Traveler

As the Wine Trail Traveler team visits wineries, we discover that tasting rooms vary not only in size but also in temperament. While one would think that the smaller the winery, the more individualized the tasting would be, there are those occasions where the larger wineries have more staff with more training. The best winery experiences for visitors are at wineries who know the importance of friendliness and wine knowledge. As the Wine Trail Traveler team continues to visit wineries, we write articles that are not only informative but also emphasize the experience visitors can expect when they visit any of these wineries. At all times we try to be fair both to the winery we are visiting and to our readers who may decide to visit a winery based on what we write.

We do not rate wines we taste. There are enough people and organizations who like to rate wines. However, we do write about the aroma, taste and aftertaste of wines. What would you like to know about before visiting a winery?

Wine Trail Traveler is devoted to emphasizing the good to be discovered in visiting wineries.

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