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Do You Know About Jam Jar Wines?

Have you heard of Jam Jar Wines? At the Boston Wine Expo I came across an exhibitor with Jam Jar wines last weekend. I picked up recipes….

Are American Wine Enthusiasts Ready for Georgian Qvevri White Wines?

Are American wine enthusiasts ready for qvevri made wines from the country Georgia? Perhaps on Valentine Day they may embrace the qvevri white wines. Qvevri winemaking is an ancient winemaking process where grapes are fermented and aged in earthen vessels called qvevris. These qvevris are buried underground and can last for centuries if taken care […]

Georgia Wine Tasting: a Warm Break for the Snow Weary

For the snow weary residents of Boston and its suburbs, this weekend provides opportunities to escape the frigid temperatures and piles of snow. On February 14th and 15th the Boston Wine Expo takes place at the Seaport World Trade Center. Wine producers and distributors from around the world will offer 2,000 wines for tasting. A […]

Pacing at the Boston Wine Expo

The exhibitor list is impressive with more than 200. I read that there will be 2,000 wines poured for tasting. How on earth can anyone taste 2,000 wines in two days. I certainly would be lucky to taste five percent of the wines being poured. So I have a personal strategy in mind. I am […]

Is Champagne Underrepresented at the Boston Wine Expo?

Sparkling wines have been on my mind lately. Last fall, Kathy and I attended a media FAM trip to several cava producers in the Penedés in Spain. Last weekend, we were on a judging panel evaluating ten Virginia sparkling wines. Kathy and I are already writing articles for this year’s International Wine Tourism Conference that […]

A Crib Sheet for Georgian Grapes and Appellations

If you are attending the Boston Wine Expo on February 14th or 15th, you will find the most unique wines produced by wineries from the country Georgia. Although there are plantings of international grapes in the country, they are in a minority. For members of the trade, media and consumers that take notes, writing the […]

Georgian Producers to Showcase their Wines at The Boston Wine Expo

One of the largest wine expositions in the United States is the annual Boston Wine Expo. On February 14th and 15th, wine trade and consumers will have the opportunity to taste wines from over 200 producers from around the world. Ten producers from the country Georgia will showcase wines produced using modern wine making protocols […]

Boston Wine Expo, February 14-15 (Valentine’s Day Weekend)

The Boston Wine Expo is quickly approaching. The expo is a celebration of wine, food and culture.

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