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Pacing at the Boston Wine Expo

The exhibitor list is impressive with more than 200. I read that there will be 2,000 wines poured for tasting. How on earth can anyone taste 2,000 wines in two days. I certainly would be lucky to taste five percent of the wines being poured. So I have a personal strategy in mind.

I am a huge fan of wines from the country Georgia. So enthusiastic that last year I returned from Georgia with a qvevri that I prepared, buried and now have wine aging in it. I will make sure I stop at each of the ten Georgian tables and taste their wines. That’s over 30 wines, but I have two days.

020915aMy next game plan is to taste the champagnes at the one table of Champagne Henriot. I will travel to Reims in a couple months for the International Wine Tourism Conference and then participate in a media FAM trip of the Champagne area. Last autumn, Kathy and I participated in a media FAM trip in search of cava in Spain. Some of the other French producers will pour cremants and there are several Italian wineries that will pour prosecco. In all, I will have the opportunity to taste 30 plus sparkling wines

There is a grape variety that I absolutely enjoy. Sagrantino is grown in the Umbria region of Italy. I plan to search that wine out and hope that with 38 tables of Italian wines, I hope I can find more than one Sagrantino. The fourth part of my grad design is to search out wines made from grapes that I have never tasted before. I’ll need to do some research for this. The Boston Wine Expo website has a list of the exhibitors. Many of the tables that will have wine for tasting has a list of the wines. I’ll study this list looking for wines crafted with grape varieties that are new to me.

In the two days I expect to taste fewer than 100 wines.


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