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Try Gluten-Free Flours from AprèsVin

Try AprèsVin’s gluten-free flour produced from grape seeds.

What Does the Creative Cook Want for the Holidays?

What should you buy? Varietal grape seed oil, gluten-free flour or smoked sea salt for the creative cook? Or perhaps a specialty soap? Find out about AprèsVin.

AprèsVin Grape Seed Oils for the Holidays

As the holidays quickly approach, for many people it is also time to go gift shopping. Special gifts for those who enjoy cooking include grape seed oils and grape seed flours.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Before you know it, Mother’s Day will have arrived. No matter what area of the country you live in, you can find Mother’s Day cards and gift ideas. So what’s different with the list of suggestions below is that these are for Mother’s who might enjoy wine related items.

Mother’s Day is May 13th

Mother’s Day Wine Ideas for May 13

Holiday Wine Gift Basket Ideas

If you have a creative spark in you, consider making theme gift baskets for anyone who enjoys a glass of wine. Purchase baskets at your local arts and crafts store. Make sure they are large enough to hold a bottle or two of wine with room for more goodies. Add a couple of wineglasses, a […]

Pistachio Encrusted Grouper Recipe with Grape Seed Oil

Are you looking for an entrée to make for this weekend? We have added the recipe for Pistachio Encrusted Grouper provided by Wintergreen Winery in Virginia to the recipes on the Wine Trail Traveler website. While this recipe does not have wine as an ingredient, it does call for grape seed oil, which can be […]

Grape Seed Oil from the Finger Lakes Wine Region

Most wineries are intent upon producing a quality wine consistently. That is a great goal. To do this they concentrate on the vineyards where the grapes are from, whether they are their own vineyards or are sourced. After obtaining the grapes, the next step is for the winemaker to take over and using his talents, […]

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