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Try Gluten-Free Flours from AprèsVin

Apresvin produces gluten-free flours and more.

Today, January 13, is National Gluten-Free Day. Many people have minor to serious issues with products containing gluten. For people looking for gluten-free flour, AprèsVin located in the state of Washington, offers four gluten-free flour products.
AprèsVin Gluten-Free Flours Available

  • Cabernet Sauvignon Grape Seed Flour
  • Chardonnay Grape Seed Flour
  • Merlot Grape Seed Flour
  • Riesling Grape Seed Flour

In addition to producing these gluten-free flours, AprèsVin also produces varietal grape seed oils, grape seed soaps and smoked sea salt.

If you are looking for a special gift for Valentine’s Day, consider these specialty gluten-free flours or grape seed oils from AprèsVin.

More about AprèsVin

Eric Leber, Ph.D. and his wife, Lori Ramonas, Ph.D., are the founders of AprèsVin in Washington State. A few years ago, we visited with Lori and Eric and had a tour of the AprèsVin facility. Check out our online article about AprèsVin.


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