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Discover LEAF Vodkas

LEAF Vodkas are produced with Rocky Mountain mineral water or Alaskan Glacial water.

A Perfect Vodka Cocktail for Cold Weather!

Try a winter cocktail made with LEAF VODKA from Alaska glacial water.

A Special Lemonade for Grown-Ups!

A lemonade for grown-ups – made with vodka and Prosecco.

Pittsburgh Whiskey & Fine Spirits Festival

The upcoming Pittsburgh Whiskey & Fine Spirits Festival benefits Animal Friends.This fabulous opportunity to taste whiskies and fine spirits takes place October 28 from 6pm to 9pm.

Mirassou Lemonade Chiller Recipe

A lemonade cocktail for the summer.

Cocktails for Valentine’s Day

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Van Gogh Vodka is offering four special cocktail recipes for you and your friends to enjoy. The first recipe, Flutter & Fizz has sparkling wine as one of the ingredients.

Holiday Recipes for Beverages

I was reminded of Church, a Portland bar, when I received an email with recipes for the holiday season. These recipes use spirits and wines to create some delicious looking drinks. If you are hosting a holiday party, you may want to consider offering one of these drinks.

A Good Luck Charm Cocktail for St. Patrick’s Day

Another St. Patrick’s Day recipe has arrived in my email, Good Luck Charm. Consider this green cocktail from CÎROC Vodka.

Our Daughter Erin Stars in Vodka Commercial

Our daughter’s Erin’s interest in wine began in ernest while she spent a semester in Aix-en-Provence during college. Upon returning home she taught us much of what she learned in a wine course she took while in France. Later she worked in New York City doing tasting. Occasionally her tastings included beverages other than wine. […]

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