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Discover LEAF Vodkas

LEAF Vodka Cocktail

Earlier this month we enjoyed making a cocktail from a sample of the LEAF Vodka made with Alaskan Glacial water. Check out the Wine Trail Traveler blog about that first vodka and the Alaskan Winter cocktail for cold weather. We were also sent a second sample of a LEAF Vodka made with Rocky Mountain mineral water. Both LEAF vodkas are labeled organic and non-GMO. They are 40% alcohol, 80 proof.

LEAF VODKA emphasizes the special waters they use to produce their vodkas. There is a difference  between the LEAF vodka made with Alaskan Glacial water and the one made with Rocky Mountain Mineral water. The mouthfeel is different. I found the Alaskan Glacial water vodka to have a smoother mouthfeel at first ending with heat towards the end. The LEAF vodka made with Rocky Mountain Mineral water offered a pleasant sense of heat that lingered on the finish.

One of the recipes sent with these vodka samples was  Cinnamon LEAF which calls for LEAF Rocky Mountain which is, as its name suggests, produced with Rocky Mountain Mineral Water.

Cinnamon LEAF Cocktail


2 oz. LEAF Rocky Mountain made of Rocky Mountain Mineral Water
1 oz. orange juice
0.5 oz. cinnamon syrup
0.5 oz. lemon juice

We put all of the ingredients into the shaker with ice and poured it into our decorative vintage crystal stemware. The vintage crystal was the perfect setting for the Cinnamon LEAF.

This cocktail was a lovely lemony color. The cocktail aroma included notes of lemon, orange and cinnamon. The cocktail created a sense of warmth and there was a bit of heat on the finish. The LEAF VODKA made with Rocky Mountain Mineral Water allowed the essence of the cocktail ingredients to shine through.

According to the LEAF VODKA website, “Because water is the Spirit of Vodka. Water is the spirit of vodka. There’s something in it that shapes the taste, character, and finish of the world’s favorite spirit. There’s something that makes our vodkas stand apart. That difference is the water.”

Consumers will want to try both types of vodkas from LEAF. Use each in the cocktails you usually make and see which you prefer.

If you plan on making a cocktail for Valentine’s Day, you may want to try the lovely Alaskan Sunset cocktail on the LEAF website. The ingredients include: LEAF Vodka made from Alaskan Glacial water, lemon juice, simple syrup, raspberries and a sprig of rosemary.


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