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A Perfect Vodka Cocktail for Cold Weather!

LEAF VODKA for a yummy winter cocktail!

As many people have been experiencing this year, it has been so very cold. In some cases the temperatures have been so low that some temperature lows will go into the record books.

We decided it was the perfect time to open a bottle of the Alaskan Winter Vodka produced by Leaf Vodka and mixed one of the suggested cocktails that arrived with our sample of Leaf Vodka.

Below are the ingredients suggested for the Alaskan Winter cocktail from LEAF VODKA.

Alaskan Winter


2 oz LEAF Vodka made from Alaskan Glacial Water
0.5 oz Vanilla syrup
0.5 oz. Lime Juice
1/4 of a large orange

After adding the ingredients to a shaker with ice and ultimately straining it into our vintage crystal, we enjoyed the cocktail in front of our soothing, hot wood burning stove.

The elegant Alaskan Winter cocktail was a light orange. It was crisp with notes of citrus.

About LEAF Vodka

LEAF VODKA produces two types of vodkas with the essential difference being the water sourced for producing the vodka. For LEAF “Water is the spirit of Vodka.” The LEAF VODKA in the cocktail recipe above is made from Alaskan glacial water. This vodka is labeled as organic and non-GMO. The label states, “Organic vodka, crafted with artisanal wheat and Alaskan glacial water for a clean, smooth taste.” This vodka is 40% alcohol/vol (80 proof.) The LEAF VODKA made from Alaskan glacial water has won numerous awards including Double Gold at WSWA 2016 and Double Gold at the San Francisco Wold Sprits Competition 2014.

LEAF Vodka is distributed by Global Spirits USA.  VODKA, Alaskan glacial water is available on the East and West coasts. It is also available at TOTAL Wine stores where the price is $19.99 for a 1L bottle.

As the LEAF VODKA website says, “Please enjoy responsibly.”

Watch for our next cocktail made with the LEAF VODKA made from Rocky Mountain Mineral Water.


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