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Tag Archives: Texas Hill Country

2018 Christmas Wine Affair in Texas

Discover many Texas Hill Country wineries at the 2018 Christmas Wine Affair.

Christmas Wine Affair 2015 in Texas Hill Country!

More than 35 Texas Hill Country wineries are offering a wonderful Christmas event, the Christmas Wine Affair.

Texas Hill Country’s Wine Lover’s Trail!

Celebrate Valentine’s Day by taking your special person to Texas Hill Country between February 10th and 19th. Enjoy tasting wines and chocolates. More than 30 wineries will be participating in this event. Tickets are $35 per person and $60 for two. A chocolate candy maker has created boxes of 10 different cream chocolates to pair […]

Driftwood Estate Winery Taking Up a Collection for Texas Families Affected by Fires

Driftwood Estate Winery, a Texas Hill Country winery in Driftwood is collecting items to help people in Bastrop, Texas who have been devastated by the devastating wild fires. According to a Facebook post, “Driftwood is collecting the following items to help the families affected by the fires in Bastrop: Items that we are collecting are: […]

Wine & Wildflower Trail Event in Texas Hill Country

During April consider visiting the wineries in Texas Hill Country. On April 1-3 and April 8-10, there will be a Wine & Wildflower Trail event. Tickets are $35 per person or $60 per couple. Tickets can be purchased on the Texas Hill Country Wineries website. Tickets for the trail event include the following: 1-3 complimentary […]

Wine Festivals Galore

There are lots of wine events during April. Check out the winery events calendar on the Wine Trail Traveler website at http://winetrailtraveler.com/calendar.php. For the weekend of April 17 and 18 there are also an array of wine festivals. Travel to Waynesboro, Virginia for the 10th Annual Virginia Fly Fishing & Wine Festival on April 17-18. […]

Super Texan Sangiovese Wine

This weekend we took the opportunity to enjoy a wine produced by Flat Creek Estate. The wine was their Super Texan 2003, produced with the Sangiovese grape. This wine won double gold at the San Francisco International Wine Competition. We liked the wine for its aroma of leather and the fruity taste. Nuances of black […]

Orange Muscat Wines

While visiting Texas Hill Country, we enjoyed some phenomenal Orange Muscat wines. The aroma and taste were very orangey. One of the Orange Muscats we tried was a Newsom Orange Muscat 2002. This is a late harvest wine produced by Fredericksburg Winery. The grapes are from Newsom Vineyards located on the Texas High Plains. With […]

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